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Serving The Community

A proven history in Politics, I am serving as the current Calcasieu Parish Police Juror for District # 10. Representing around 15,000 citizens, I pride myself on being available and putting YOU, the people of South West Louisiana first. Attached are the boards I represent.  

The Constitution

United By A Common Goal

I am a Conservative Republican who believes in Faith, Family Values, Gun Rights, and Against Raising Taxes.

- Pro Life - Pro Gun - Pro Constitution - Pro Border Security 


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We all know we need true leaders in Government, not followers.  Get involved, spread the word, and together let's plan and build for the future of our loves ones. "In GOD we trust" will be in my heart every step of the way.

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The fine print

                        Shalon Latour for Louisiana State Representative District # 37

                                                     PRO-LIFE, PRO-GUN, PRO-FAMILY


                                                             -District 37 Demographics-

District #37 has a population of around 40,000 to 45,000 citizens. The area overlaps Calcasieu and Jefferson Davis parish. Calcasieu Parish is around 32% of the residents and encompasses Holmwood, Bell City, Hayes, Iowa, Manchester, Lebleu, and Hecker. District #37 represents all of Jefferson Davis in the following areas- Jennings, Roanoke, Welsh,  Lacassine, Lake Arthur, Elton, Fenton, and surrounding communities. 


                                                                            -Family, Life-

I was born in Lake Charles, LA. and lived in Fenton, LA. until I was two years old. From that point on, my parents Orisc “Tootie”, and Vergie Latour moved me and my three siblings to the Hecker/Iowa area. I had big dreams of moving away, but like most children I moved right down the road from where I grew up. My wife and I, Jessica Foster Latour have six children- Abigail, Aubrey, Triston, Evelyn, Lawton, and Wyatt. We enjoy doing things with family, and of course the outdoors. 

                                                        -Education, Work Background-

I am a graduate of Iowa High School, attended Sowella Tech. for one year in drafting, and will be a  graduate of Liberty University in business management at the end of May 2019.  I started many years ago and finally went back to finish.   I currently hold a Louisiana State Contractor’s license for commercial construction, heavy construction, and waste treatment/disposal systems. 

I started Latour International 16 years ago working as a transportation company in the oil field, and in  forestry. Since then, I have started and/or purchased a few other companies such as Latour Premier Properties- working in real estate investing and rental, Service International of SWLA- working in Industrial transportation and Construction, and Beauregard Medical Supply- working as a DME in the medical supply industry.

                                -Political Background as a Calcasieu Parish Police Juror-

I currently represent 15,000 residents as a Calcasieu Parish Police Juror for District 10, which is around 1/3 of the voter base of District 37’s State Rep seat. I won my last election on the basis of me doing what is right for the people I represent, and I plan to keep the same integrity if elected. I encourage everyone to do your due diligence on how I have represented my district. 

Since I have taken office, I have challenged our roads, our drainage, our recreation, our building codes/ordinances, better spending practices, facilities for our seniors, and have helped to save home owners and some businesses 100’s and in some cases 1000’s of dollars fighting against harsh Government standards.  

We have had some horrible drainage issues that I fought alongside with the city, parish, and drainage boards to figure out the best way of tackling these issues. With our conjoined efforts, my district will have one of the first regional retention ponds in Calcasieu Parish that should help the drainage system in some areas by over 200%. We have built play grounds, ball fields, huge pavilions/ basketball courts, splash pads, and many other things all for the betterment of our community. 


I believe one of my greatest assets is bringing people together in achieving goals that has bettered our community. Being a leader is not just demanding things, but working alongside your delegation, and going the extra mile. When people see how hard you work, they work harder and together you can bridge the gaps that at times hinders government. I am exactly what you need in our Louisiana State Capitol, someone who is not afraid to stand up for conservative values.  Our country and state is so divided and tarnished by ego’s and party stamps, that we have lost sight of what government was built on. In God we trust will always be on my heart, and in doing so, you the citizen will always be put first. 

                                                                                   -In Closing-

I would love to say I will do everything perfect, but unfortunately that is impossible. What I can do is promise this; I will always do my absolute best to make decisions based on what is right by you. If there are any major decisions that will affect the masses, I plan to hold public meetings for discussion. This will keep you informed along with hearing public input on pros and cons. I have been available 24/7 for my current position and will remain 24/7 for you if elected. If anyone would like to talk or email, I can be reached at:



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